With Eid around the corner and festive shopping on the go, how about splurging on some fashion trends to make a style statement?

Sharara and gharara are hot this Eid season for Muslim girls and also a favourite wedding party attire among women of all communities, not just Muslims, in the Indian subcontinent.

Once a sign of Muslim royalty, sharara has now become one of the favourite picks for women when it comes to weddings and party outings. And Bollywood beauties are also vouching for this three-piece outfit. Before you invest in one, take style cues from our desi fashionistas to rock it like a pro.

A sharara or gharara is a traditional Lucknowi outfit traditionally worn by Muslim women of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

A sharara or gharara suit from Indiwear consists of a kurti (mid-thigh length tunic), a dupatta (veil), and most importantly, a pair of wide-legged pants, ruched at the knee so they flare out dramatically.

Shararas and ghararas were part of heirloom and were passed on from generations to generations. Traditionally, they featured pure silver and gold zari work. During the Mughal rule, they were worn by royalty, but as time passed, Muslim women made it a part of their daily wardrobe.

People often get confused between sharara and gharara. Fashion designer Nida Mahmood explains, “Both shararas and ghararas have a partition; the major difference is the use of fabric. Ghararas are wider and, therefore, more fabric is used in making it. They both are floor-length and are often heavily embellished.”

Ghararas have a thick band above the knee which is ruched; this results in flare below the knee.