Linen is a designers’ delight because of its matchless properties. However, in India it is still considered a niche, elite fabric and consumption is low as the vast majority still don’t use it.

The important property of linen is its comfort. It absorbs moisture 20 times more than its actual weight without being uncomfortable to the user. One of the biggest advantage is that linen is naturally anti-allergic and anti-bacterial.

Because of its porous nature, linen has natural heat and moisture-wicking properties that make it a good conductor of heat and a popular fabric to use for clothing or bedding in the summer. It also makes it possible for linen fabrics and accessories to hold dye colors better than some other fabrics.

Indiwear’s new line, Spring/Summer 2019, is targeted at the Indian summer; it is an ethnic wear collection – salwar suits, plain and floral pattern sarees, dresses and tunics, in variety of styles and patterns.

With summer at our doorstep, a salwar kurta in printed linen fabric in lighter hues like white will ensure you keep the heat at bay.