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Ethnic wear is the clothing and accessories that are commonly accepted in certain communities. It could be something every day or even something ceremonial. Clothing in India varies from region to region depending on the ethnicity, geography, climate and cultural traditions of the people of that region. Women clothing has evolved to cover the body to elaborate costumes not only used in daily wear but also on festive occasions as well as rituals and dance performances. India has a great diversity in terms of weaves, fibers, colours, and material of clothing. Colour codes are followed in clothing based on the religion and ritual concerned. Tradition is our identity and our identity is our ethnic wear. The traditional Indian clothing takes us close to our cultural roots and reminds us of the glorious past. Traditional Indian clothing has come into prominence once again.well, if we notice the trends in fashion industry, we will realize that modern fashion has aped the styling and designing of the bygone eras, the period of royalty ,when maharajas and ranis used to spend extravagantly on their clothing. Whatever the royals chose to go is for was reminiscent of splendour and luxury. The creative fashion designers of today are in a lookout for ethnic designs that take us close to our cultural roots and remind us of glorious past. An ethnic dress would be any kind of outfit that is specific to any one country like an Indian ethnic dress is kurta, Indian salwar kameez and sari.Kurta is a term used to refer to a long loose shirt, the length of which falls below or may be just above the knees of the wearer. Depending on one’s personal preference, kurta can be teamed with churidar as well as fit salwar. In the contemporary times, youngsters don kurta along with a funky pair of jeans.kurta is a very flexible dress that can be worn on formal as well as informal occasions. We can even wear them at work. Indian salwar kammez is the traditional Indian clothing for women. due to its high popularity in the region of Punjab, salwar kammez is commonly referred to as Punjabi suit. The fashion of salwar kameez in India is not new. Since the past many few centuries, women have been wearing this wonderful attire that is absolutely decent to wear and also lends a graceful look to its wearer. In the contemporary time, fashion designer are coming up with more and more innovative styles, designs and patterns.salwar kammez is one dress, which is preferred not just for its extreme comfort, but also due to the elegance it lends to the wearer.Saress are eternal in women’s beauty and desirable for their elegance. They weave an underlying magic if draped gracefully and the magic never fades if saress are accessories beautifully. Sari is a example of ethnic wear. Sari is a wrap style dress that is commonly worn by Hindu women of southern. Sari is one of the most wonderful dresses worn by Indian women.infact, one thinks of a typical women, the first thing that strikes the mind is a woman clad in sari, the Indian saree also adds grace to woman’s personality. The fashion of wearing sari has and will always be in vogue.india is a land of diversities, which is reflected in sari draping styles. Sari is one attire that offers such a fabulous variety in terms of style, design and fabric.